7. Troubleshooting

Please access link if you have any problem when using Vibuma library. For further inquiries, please contact us at info@vibuma.com or Hotline +84 903 637 937.
Please feel free to contact us at +84 903 637 937 for Banner Advertising on Vibuma’s website.

Please make sure you enter correct ID and password. Don’t forget to check the capslock.

If you still can’t sign in, chances are you are having one 1 these issues:

  • You forgot your password. Please try resetting your password. Learn more about how to reset your password here 
  • Your web browser might out-of-date. Please update your browser or try accessing the site with a different web browser.
  • You may not have registered for Vibuma account with this email address you had just typed in. Learn how to sign up for Vibuma account here.
  • You may have deactivated your account. Contact us here to reactivate your account.