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Researchers from NTU Singapore developed a method to use recycled glass in concrete 3D printing, for a more environmentally sustainable way of building and construction. More


Annually, 10 billion eggs are produced in the Netherlands alone, which makes the country the largest egg exporter in the world. Eggshells are sometimes used as a soil improver in agriculture, but generally, they are viewed as waste. More

Vietnam’s Hospitality Real Estate – Time to rebuild

On the 26th of April, Savills Hotels hosted Meet The Experts, the largest hospitality and real estate conference in Vietnam. More than 20 speakers led lively discussions with almost 500 senior industry professionals, developers, and hotel owners. More

HoSkar Night - Networking Redefined

We will have experts’ opinions on hotel performances and reopening plans, how we can learn from Thailand’s reopening, latest trends including Metaverse, contactless devices in hospitality industry and design trends. Then we will also go through some destinations in Vietnam such as Da Nang and Mui Ne and have a talk on hospitality education! More

10 Stone types be used for construction

Stone constructions are durable, diverse, sturdy as well as lasting over time. You can see that some locally available stone structures may have been built for over hundreds of years. More

Types of concrete block

Over the centuries, people have transformed and adapted the structures of nature and the caves to become their home, long before they embarked on their journey to create their own home. More

“Dougle Egress” Door and “Double Acting” Door

Double egress doors and double acting doors are often confused with each other. Here are the different discoveries in the application and what they are meant to be used for. More

Common materials for wall today

These are several different materials with different compositions and properties that are used in the construction of a wall. More

Differences between construction mortar and construction grout

Construction mortar and grout are used simultaneously in the construction sector and are the original products of cement. Although both are cement base products, they differ in their properties, in usage, and in the purpose of fulfillment. The main difference found in construction slurry and construction mortar is its liquid state. The following article will point out the... More

Wall cladding types are used today

Cladding is a kind of protection of a structure from harsh environmental conditions. It is currently one of the most popular and widely used techniques. More

Advantages and disadvantages of water and oil paints

Not sure which paint is best for your project? Then don't ignore this study. More

Bamboo in the construction industry.

• Bamboo has high compressive strength and light weight, is one of the most used building materials to support concrete work, especially where there is a lot of bamboo. • Bamboo is used to build scaffolding, bridges, buildings and houses. • Due to a special rhizome system, bamboo is one of the fastest growing plant species in the world and its growth rate is three... More

Low - E glass: Things to know

Low E glass or low emissivity glass, is a type of glass coated on the surface of a special compound that helps the glass have the properties of slow heat emission, reduce dispersion, absorb heat slowly and slow down the process of transmitting heat but still ensuring brightness in the room. More

Solutions to renovate concrete floors

Floor performances could represent your building status, because looking at the surface, people could see the history of the building and especially the wear and tear over the years. More


A Colombian company: Lifepack made innovative dishware from recycled pineapple scraps,which contain real seed in them that could be sown after using. More

“2021 Vietnam Hospitality - What to Expect?”

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VIETBUILD exhibition 2020:

On September 30, Vietbuild exhibition was opened at Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center (SECC) - District 7 with the theme "Real Estate-Architecture and Interior and Exterior Decoration". More