“Dougle Egress” Door and “Double Acting” Door

Double egress doors and double acting doors are often confused with each other. Here are the different discoveries in the application and what they are meant to be used for.

Double Acting Door


Double-acting door is known as a double swing or travel door and it can be a single door or a double door and can be accessed from two different directions.


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This type of door is a cost-effective solution for fast and efficient bidirectional transport when opening in two areas that are separated from both sound and visibility.

Hardware/framework application

This type of door is hung on a double-acting hinge or center suspension in the frame and this allows the door to be opened in two directions.

Commonly used place

Shipping / receiving area, kitchen, restaurant, supermarket, grocery store, warehouse, warehouse, etc.


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Popular auxiliary hardware for this type of open-door application includes bumper, spring bumper, shockproof / base plate, and noise shield. This additional hardware can help prevent damage to doors with high travel needs that are often hit.

Double egress doors


This type of application is always for a double egress door with each side opening only in one fixed direction.


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These types of doors are used to control the flow of traffic moving in a corridor quickly to the entrance to a safe area. Because the door's reverse flow cannot collide with the main flow.

Hardware/framework application

This type of door is usually provided with hardware only to operate from the push side to help control the flow of movement.

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Commonly used place

In corridors, emergency exits for schools, hospitals, apartments, shopping malls, etc.







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