Dispute Resolution Terms

Complaint resolution support process

When a dispute arises, Koipa Vietnam Joint Stock Company upholds the negotiation and mediation solution between the parties to maintain the member's trust in the service quality of Vibuma.com and follow the following steps. :

  • Step 1: Buyers' complaints about the Supplier's goods via email: info@vibuma.com or Hotline 0903 637 937.
  • Step 2: Vibuma.com's Customer Care Department will accept complaints from buyer members, depending on the nature and extent of the complaint, Vibuma.com will have specific measures to support people. buy to settle that dispute.
  • Step 3: Vibuma.com requires Buyers and Suppliers to provide enough information relating to transactions and goods. All questions, disputes and complaints of both sides will be acknowledged and responded to by Vibuma within 48 hours from the date of receipt of the complaint (except Saturday, Sunday and holidays).
  • Step 4: In the school beyond the capabilities and authority of Vibuma.com, the management board will ask the buyer to bring this case to a competent state agency to resolve according to law.

Buyer sends complaint at:

  • Koipa Vietnam Joint Stock Company
  • Hot line: 0903 637 937, Monday - Friday (except Saturday, Sunday and public holidays) from 8:30 - 18:00
  • Email: info@vibuma.com
  • Vibuma Customer Care Department - Room 201, 123 Le Loi, Ward Ben Thanh, District 1, HCMC

            Vibuma.com respects and strictly abides by the provisions of the law on the protection of the interests of buyers (consumers). Therefore, it is recommended that members sell products and services on the floor provide complete, accurate, truthful and detailed information related to products and services. All frauds and frauds in business are condemned and must be fully responsible before the law.

            The parties including the Supplier and the buyer will have to play a responsible role in actively solving the problem. For Suppliers, it is necessary to be responsible for providing documents certifying information related to the problem that is causing a conflict for customers. Vibuma.com will be responsible for providing the information relating to the Buyer and the Supplier if requested by either the buyer or the Supplier (in connection with that dispute).     

Vibuma only supports to resolve disputes arising between Vendors and Search Users. Vibuma is not responsible for solving or compensating for damages (if any) when the error arises from the Supplier or the buyer. Vibuma accepts no responsibility if one of the parties provides false information. All information is guaranteed by customers transparently and honestly. If there is any reflection on the quality of the information provided by the Customer, the Customer will be solely responsible to the other party as well as to the laws of Vietnam.

            After the Supplier, the buyer has settled the dispute, has the responsibility to report it to the management of Vibuma.com. In case the transaction arises in conflict with the supplier's fault: Vibuma.com.vn will take measures to warn, close the account, or transfer it to the competent law agency depending on the severity of the violation. Vibuma.com will terminate and remove all articles about the Supplier's products and services on Vibuma.com and request the Supplier to reimburse the customer satisfactorily on the basis of the agreement with the customer.

If through the form of agreement, but still cannot solve the conflict arising from a transaction between 2 parties of buyer and Supplier, then either party of buyer and Supplier will have the right to seek legal authority. Competent law intervenes to ensure the legitimate interests of the parties, especially for customers.