1. How Vibuma works

Vibuma began in late 2015 when a German architect wants to create a place where gathers all the building materials in Vietnam’s market. With the aim to help his colleagues – architects, including interior designers, developers to easily find the needed information for their projects, Vibuma offers a massive database of information about building materials and their suppliers.


Vibuma’s mission is to bring transparent information and various choices to users and become the most influenced media partner of the construction material industry. We focus on boosting the material and product manufacturer to produce with better quality and more competitive prices.

Vibuma verifies the building materials suppliers and categorize them into a logically smart system so the users can easily search for their projects. Furthermore, we create a smart messaging system to help connecting suppliers and users so they can communicate privately with certainty.

Vibuma put suppliers at ease with feature ID Verfication. This means that all suppliers will have to complete a progress of verification before you can be able to use Vibuma and our services. When you sign up on Vibuma with your working mail, you will automatically receive a verification code to verify the account that you’ve just created on Vibuma. 

Our messaging system ensures that the users can reach to the suppliers just by one click Request Information and the users can be able to find those messages in Vibuma inbox. All contact information from the users as well as the content of the message will remain private on Vibuma. Users and suppliers can continue their business by communicating with each other via their emails so you might feel more comfortable and convenient. 

Vibuma is here for you at anytime you need our support. We’ve answered the most common questions about Vibuma in our Help Center. However, for further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by visiting vibuma.com/contact or reach us directly at our hotline number +84 903 637 937

The position of the brand based on 2 elements: the number of information and the frequency of updating. The more information you post, the more points you get. Furthermore, frequently checking and updating information help your brand has more chance to be on “top of list” than others.

You need to update the basic brand’s information include the showroom, product’s image, business partner, catalogue (link); key staff’s information.

After changing the website’s interface, we assure you that your information will not be lost. However, there are some fields you need to update: The showroom address, sample, client; Catalogue, the key staff.
For more details, please check at http://vibuma.com.